The magic of the right resource for the wrong answer

OpenEd is the only K-12 educational resource library focused on aligning resources to learning objectives. Specifically, OpenEd uses machine learning to accurately align videos, games, and assessments to learning goals such as the Common Core State Standards, NGSS, TEKS and detailed taxonomies of fine-grained learning objectives (from Renaissance, ACT, and others). We believe teachers should be able to find the most effective resources for their students all in one place, and all organized by standards. 

Accurately aligning resources also allows us to pair our resources with our prebuilt assessments. For every question a student misses, OpenEd automatically returns a hand-picked, targeted video or game to help the student master that specific concept. While assessment content is available elsewhere, only OpenEd offers associated instructional resources for all assessment items.  OpenEd’s assessments are very popular with teachers and students, and students' results are recorded to rate previously used instructional resources for efficacy.  Only OpenEd measures and publishes efficacy for third party instructional resources.  

The perfect blended learning resource for each student, based on their assessment results

OpenEd was started when founder Adam Blum wanted to find videos to address his son’s learning needs in math, and faced several challenges. Khan Academy videos didn’t work well, weren’t available for every learning goal, and often had inaccurate Common Core alignments. Other Open Educational Resource sites listed alignments that were even more inaccurate. Furthermore, searching each site separately proved to be extremely time consuming. As a computer scientist with a background in machine learning, Mr. Blum believed that this was a solvable problem. With some of his students at Carnegie Mellon, he created a prototype that aggregated resources from all leading OERs and accurately aligned them to popular learning goals such as the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.  

Since being acquired by ACT in 2016, OpenEd is now focused on maximizing its impact. While OpenEd has always had a direct teacher and student facing site (now with over half a million teachers and more than 10% of US classrooms), ACT challenged OpenEd to maximize its impact. To that end, we invested in our industry leading API to enable our catalog of the best resources for any learning goal to be embeddable inside any ed tech product.  Today, industry leaders such as Renaissance Learning, Agilix, Pearson, Canvas, Schoology, Google and Microsoft use the OpenEd API and associated add-ons to provide the most effective resource for any learning objective to their users. 


In addition, ACT challenged OpenEd to make their machine learning benefit organizations that had their own resources. We introduced a product last year called the Private Resource Repository that allows our machine learning to align a district’s (or even a third party company’s) own resources.  This allows the power of our accurate learning objective alignments to be applied to an organization’s own needs: aligning instructional videos and instructional textual resources to the Common Core, or any other standards they might use.

So what products does OpenEd offer exactly? 

OpenEd assessments and item banks: OpenEd offers prebuilt formative assessments and homework for each grade, subject, and standard, inlcuding individual state standards. Every assessment has the magic of OpenEd behind it- each question has a targeted blended resources attached to it that will be automatically surfaced to only the students that answer that question incorrectly. The assessment item bank content are sold with three different options:

  • an “OpenEd Premium” bundle to individual teachers for $9.95.  The Premium bundle includes the Pearson Formative Assessment Item Bank and the HMH Riverside Assess2Know item bank, and the assessments built from these items.
  • The Premium bundle is offered to schools for $5000 for per year. This allows each teacher and student access to the Pearson and HMH items and assessments, as well as principal analytics.
  • At the district level or higher, item banks must be purchased individually.  The item banks available include Pearson, HMH, Certica, and Fluence

OpenEd can help tailor the item banks to the needs of your district. Whether you are looking for a specific subject, grade, school, or district-wide solution, we can help identify the best bank at the lowest cost to you.

You can find more info here, or contact us at sales@opened.com for any inquiries. 



The other major product that OpenEd sells is the Private Resource Repository. The Private Resource Repository allows all of your district's resources to be housed and searchable in one place, even those external websites you might have purchased (Flocabulary, BrainPop, etc). What's more, it allows these resources and any teacher-created resources to be aligned to standards. Do you have a curriculum that you would like to map the right supplemental resources to? It can do that too!


OpenEd does not itself create assessment content.  We resell assessment content from most leading assessment publishers. So of course that content is available elsewhere. But on OpenEd, all of the assessment items are associated with specific instructional resources - optimally chosen to address the precise learning gap determined by the item.  

OpenEd also assembles all of the items into prebuilt short classroom assessments.  This is a task that districts usually perform themselves with extensive effort. The net result is that classroom assessments from OpenEd directly drive precisely chosen instructional resources for each student, based on their unique learning gaps. OpenEd is the only system that performs this task at scale (scale of resources and scale of teachers and topics).  

OpenEd’s assessments are easily sharable with students via Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology and dozens of others.  They also run on a robust platform from ACT.

What's different and valuable about OpenEd assessments?

We would love to start a conversation about how any of our unique solutions can help your districts needs. Please feel free to shoot an email to sales@opened.com. OpenEd looks forward to hearing from you!