OpenEd+Google Classroom=

Many of our teachers have been asking if we are compatible with Google Classroom and now, the answer is - YES! You can create the same classes you have on Google Classroom on OpenEd and start assigning one of our million resources to your OpenEd class, or posting them to your Google Classroom wall. How?  You assign by hitting a single green button.

To set it up, there are a few possible flows described below, and as always, don't hesitate to contact us if you run into any issues.


If you are new to OpenEd:
Already using OpenEd, but did not sign up with Google
Already have students on OpenEd, but want to take advantage of the integration?

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Now with the click of one button, you can easily add your Google Classroom students to your OpenEd class, and start posting assignments! Yeah, we're excited about it too!

You might be logged into OpenEd but not via Google.

Please try logging out of OpenEd (click on the apple on the top right), and then go back to and "sign in with Google."  Then it should work. Also, please hard refresh your browser (command+shift+r on a Mac, and Ctrl+F5 on PC), just in case.



Welcome! Thanks for joining. When you sign up, please click on the Google button instead of filling in your email and password. Select the Google account that you use for Google Classroom. Go through onboarding, create your class, and on the Roster tab at the top, click the "Upload from Google Classroom" button. This will pull all your classes and students so that you can import them here. If you have multiple Google Classrooms, you can create multiple OpenEd classes!


No worries! Just log into OpenEd as you do normally and go to your profile page ( In the field where it says "Email", change this to your Google email and click "Update". That should do it! Then just refresh, and go to your Roster tab to import your Google Classroom students.


That's great! There are 2 ways you can go about this, depending on your preference. You can 1. Use your existing OpenEd class and import your Google roster into it. If this overwhelms your OpenEd roster, you can delete the usernames you created originally (they will still exist under "add existing students", in case you ever want to re-add them or access their old grades). And this way, the students will still see what you have previously assigned once they log in using the google imported usernames or emails. We would also suggest exporting the mastery chart to excel to keep your existing grades.

Alternatively (and possibly better if you haven't assigned much yet), you can create a new class on OpenEd (click the title of your class on the top-left, then "Create class"). This is basically a fresh start- import your students from Google, and start assigning!


Logged in, but don't see the Google Classroom button under the Roster tab
roster import screen shot
Upload from google classroom
How Do I Assign to Students in Classroom

On any OpenEd resource, there is a green "Share on Google Classroom" button.  Just click on that and it will go right into Classroom!


How Do Students Access The Assignments?

Students just log into Google Classroom as normal.  They can sign into OpenEd by hitting the "Sign in with Google" button here, no user names, passwords or anything:


See Below for Troubleshooting