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We get this question a lot:
How does Academy work with my LMS or other tools?
The Short Answer is: Academy is a resource library and not a full LMS.  Having resources from Academy easily sharable on LMSs is a good thing, and we make it as smooth as possible!

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Some would argue if Google Classroom is an LMS or not.  We won't!  OpenEd has single signon (login with Google), and automatic sync of rosters.  Also, Academy resources can be shared directly to Google classroom using the green  "share with Google classroom" button. The best part is- after your students complete an assignment on Academy, Google Classroom will automatically mark it as "Done". You can see a short demo          and more info here.


Schoology empowers users to create, share, and manage resources easily, including Academy resources! Your students can do Academy assignments without ever leaving Schoology, and you'll receive their grades there too. The instructions are        , and a video is here.


Assign Academy resources in Moodle and Moodle will capture their scores! Students get their assignments within Moodle with no login or password needed.  See the video and read the how to    




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Many Teachers use Learning Management Systems

Here is how we integrate with them!  If your LMS is not on this list, or if you want your LMS to integrate tighter with Academy, just let them or us know!  For most LMS's that are not on this list, the easiest answer is to simply copy the resource you want from Academy and paste it into the LMS to share with students.


Create Canvas assignments using Academy assessments and HW, and watch your students' scores populate right into your Canvas gradebook!          is a quick video demonstrating how to set this up, and         is a step-by-step document.  Students get their assignments within Canvas with no login or password needed.

Chalkable (iNow) allows you create your own assignments and attach Academy resources to them. You can assign Academy videos, games, assessments, and homework directly on Chalkable through the Academy app. Your students will be able to access these assignments without ever leaving Chalkable!            a short video demonstrating this.

Otus is a new LMS that is free for teachers.  Academy resources are visible directly from within Otus!  Simply open your Otus bookshelf and search on the eye logo. 


itslearning is working with Academy develop teams for a “native” integration of the vast resources of Academy with a complete API and IMS Global™ integration partnership.  This will enable the Library of itslearning to render Academy resources all within a single search. 


 Slate LMS integration with Academy is live!  Contact us for details.


ONEder is partnering with Academy to make the entire resource libraryaccessible for students with disabilities.



Academy resources are available in the Pearson Realize LMS!  Contact us for details.

Academy is now available in the Cortex LMS!  Cortex is an innovative new platform developed by InnovateNYC and the Brooklyn LAB Charter School, but now widely available.  See the demo here.

“With the new single sign-on integration between Pearson Schoolnet and Academy, educators can improve teaching and learning and support student success with the combination of effective analysis of classroom assessment data and Open Educational Resources that are personalized to meet each student's needs.”







Standards Planner allows you to drag and drop Academy resources onto your teaching calendar or lesson plans all on one screen. Here is a short video showing how it works.